The AmbientLightSource class describes an ambient lighting source.
The BlendShape class describes a shape attached to a mesh or face mesh which can be used to change the shape of that mesh.
The BlendShapesMesh class encapsulates multiple blendable meshes.
The BlockSceneRoot class describes the root scene object of a block.
The BoundingBox class describes the bounds of a scene element in the local coordinate system.
The Bounds2D class describes the bounds of a scene element.
The Camera class exposes details about the device camera focal area.
The CameraVisibility class describes whether or not an object is visible from various camera views.
The Canvas class describes a scene canvas.
The DirectionalLightSource class describes a directional light source.
The DynamicExtrusion class provides functionality for creating extruded 3D objects using a brush.
The FaceAnchor class describes an anchored face.
The FaceMesh class describes a face mesh.
The FaceTracker class propagates details of detected faces to the scene.
The FocalDistance class describes a focal distance.
The FocalPlane class exposes details about the focal plane of the device camera.
The HandTrackerSceneObject class encapsulates a hand tracking object.
The Joint class encapsulates a joint scene object.
The Mesh class describes a scene mesh.
The OutputVisibility class describes whether or not an object is visible from various outputs.
The ParticleSystem class implements the particle management system for the scene.
The ParticleTypeDescription class provides functionality for setting particle sprite densities in the scene.
The ParticleTypeDescriptions class provides a container for particle type descriptions.
The PlanarDiv class describes a div on a plane.
The PlanarFlexContainer class describes a flex container on a plane.
The PlanarFlexItem class describes a flex item on a plane.
The PlanarImage class describes an image rendered on a plane.
The PlanarObject class describes an object on a plane.
The PlanarText class describes text on a plane.
The Plane class describes a plane.
The PlaneTracker class provides functionality for locating a 3D plane based on 2D screen coordinates.
The PointLightSource class describes a point light source.
The Scene class implements properties and methods to access the objects in a scene.
The SceneObject class describes an object in a scene.
The SceneObjectBase class describes a scene object.
The ScreenPlane class describes a screen plane.
The segmentation class encapsulates image segmentation.
The Skeleton class describes a skeleton object.
The Speaker class encapsulates an speaker for a scene. Old class name is AudioSource.
The SpotLightSource class describes a spot light source.
The SvgImage class describes an SVG asset for a scene.
The TargetTracker encapsulates a tracker for some target.
The TextAlignmentWrapper class contains text alignment details.
The TextExtrusion class describes a 3D text scene object.
The Transform class describes an object transform for a scene.
The WorldTransform class describes an object tranform for a sceneObject in world space.