Audio Analyzer / Energy Meter

Audio Analyzer walkthrough

Setting up a scene with Audio Analyzer

Step Zero: Uncheck Facebook from your publishing platform preferences in the Edit Properties panel

Step One: Add a speaker to your scene.

Step 2: Add Audio Analyzer Patch to patch graph

Step 3. Click + add Asset (or left click in the scene hierarchy)

Step 4. Find Audio Analyzer patch-- click add patch to add object

Step 5. Add Microphone to scene

Step 6. Connect microphone to Audio Analyzer input

Step 7. Connect Audio Analyzer output to the speaker you added to the scene in Step 1.

Step 8. Send the effect to instagram camera to test.

To test this effect you must mirror to your Instagram Camera and record in instagram to activate the music analyzer

Note: At the moment the Audio Analyzer patch only works on the instagram platform

Note: At the moment the Audio Analyzer patch will only drive signals when the user is recording in Instagram

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