The IrisTrackingModule class allows you to track the location of people's irises in your effect, to create effects such as eye color replacement.


// The following example demonstrates how to bind the position and rotation of
// objects to the eyeball and iris.
// Project setup:
// - Insert two planes
// - (Recommended) Decrease the scale of the planes and assign materials to them
// Load in the required modules
const FaceTracking = require('FaceTracking');
const IrisTracking = require('IrisTracking');
const Scene = require('Scene');
// Locate the planes in the Scene
const centerPlane = Scene.root.find('plane0');
const irisPlane = Scene.root.find('plane1');
// Store a reference to a detected face
const face = FaceTracking.face(0);
// Store a reference to the left eyeball
const leftEyeball = IrisTracking.leftEyeball(face);
// Store a reference to the center and iris plane's transform
const centerPlaneTransform = centerPlane.transform;
const irisPlaneTransform = irisPlane.transform;
// Store references to the eyeball center, iris and rotation
const leftEyeballCenter =;
const leftEyeballIris = leftEyeball.iris;
const leftEyeballRotation = leftEyeball.rotation.eulerAngles;
// Bind the position of the eyeball center to the center plane
centerPlaneTransform.x = leftEyeballCenter.x;
centerPlaneTransform.y = leftEyeballCenter.y;
centerPlaneTransform.z = leftEyeballCenter.z;
// Bind the position of the the eyeball iris to the iris plane
irisPlaneTransform.x = leftEyeballIris.x;
irisPlaneTransform.y = leftEyeballIris.y;
irisPlaneTransform.z = leftEyeballIris.z;
// Bind the rotation of both planes to the eyeball rotation
centerPlaneTransform.rotationX = leftEyeballRotation.x;
centerPlaneTransform.rotationY = leftEyeballRotation.y;
centerPlaneTransform.rotationZ = leftEyeballRotation.z;
irisPlaneTransform.rotationX = leftEyeballRotation.x;
irisPlaneTransform.rotationY = leftEyeballRotation.y;
irisPlaneTransform.rotationZ = leftEyeballRotation.z;


This module exposes no properties.


leftEyeball(face: Face): Eyeball
Returns an Eyeball object for the given face, containing information about the 3D position of the left eyeball.
rightEyeball(face: Face): Eyeball
Returns an Eyeball object for the given face, containing information about the 3D position of the right eyeball.


The Eyeball class exposes details of a tracked eyeball.